I speak to inspire small and large audiences alike

“Raw. Real. Straight from the heart. A law enforcement officer, a mother and a cancer survivor, Trish speaks about her journey and struggles in all three realms.”

– Tom S. Liu, MD, Plastic Surgeon

  • Approach

    What is your approach to the task at hand? The person you are dealing with, no matter the circumstance or situation you are in?

  • Delivery

    How do you deliver information that you need another to receive and understand in order to fulfill and accomplish your goal or getting to the next level, in whatever circumstance or situation you are in?

  • Message

    What is your message? Is your message clear, concise and to the point? Will your message be received in a positive manner with the person or group you are interacting with, in whatever the circumstance or situation you are in?

  • Outcome

    Did you get the outcome you were after? Were you successful? Are you in a better place with the circumstance or situation you were in when testing yourself with this challenge ?


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